Resident democracy

Through tenants’ democracy, each tenant has a unique opportunity to actively influence the daily operation, maintenance and development of their own halls.
The degree of influence depends on commitment and effort, but as in any other democracy it also depends on agreeing with others. Many decisions begin with discussions between the neighbors at each hall of residence. From that point, it will travel through the system and if the idea receives a majority, the road is paved for it to be implemented.
In Kollegiekontoret’s estates the democratic organ is called the estate committee and in the independent halls of residence it is called the residents' council.

An opportunity to influence your daily life
It is not a requirement to participate in the tenants' democracy when you live at a hall of residence, but it is an opportunity to influence your daily life, knowledge of board's work and make your CV (resumé) more attractive. If you like this, we can only encourage you to attend the tenants’ meetings at your hall of residence and apply for the position as a member of the Estate Committee or Residents' Council.

Further influence
Residents’ democracy is reflected on all levels of the organisation. If you are a member of the Estate Committee or the Residents’ Council and you have become interested in more challenges, then there is a good chance to be elected to other trusted positions through Kollegiekontoret in Aarhus, for example as a member of the Board or the Executive Committee.


Kollegiekontoret is a tenant-controlled housing organisation. The tenants are the majority in all the governing bodies, and thus control Kollegiekontoret's activities and the housing situation for students in Aarhus.

Organisation diagram 

The Estate Committee
A member of the estate committee is a tenant at a hall of residence, who is helping to lead the hall of residence and perform in the best interest of the other tenants. There is an estate committee in each of Kollegiekontorets "estates" as the hall of residences that belongs to Kollegiekontoret are called.

Residents' Council
A member of the Residents' Council is a tenant at an independent hall of residence  There is a Residents' Council at each of the four indepent hall of residences, administered by Kollegiekontoret (Ravnsbjerg, Skjoldhøjkollegiet, Tandlægekollegiet and Vilh. Kiers Kollegium). The Residents' Council consists of 3-7 members elected at a tenants' meeting   

The Board of Representatives
The Board of Representatives is Kollegiekontoret's highest authority. It consists of the entire board of Kollegiekontoret + 1 representative from each estate committee.

The board of Kollegiekontoret
The Board of Kollegiekontoret consists of 21 members. The Board is particularly responsible for ensuring that Kollegiekontoret is operating in accordance with the applicable rules. It also makes decisions regarding the purchase of land/property and introduction of new construction.

  • 11 elected by the The Board of Representatives among the Estate Committees. 
  • 6 elected by the Guarantors’ Assembly upon the recommendation of the independent hall of residences and/or other guarantors
  • 2 elected by the Guarantors’ Assembly. They must have expertise in construction and management of real estate
  • 2 elected by the employees at Kollegiekontoret.

Executive Committee
To facilitate the decision-making chain, the Board of Kollegiekontoret has delegated authority to the Executive Committee. The Executive Committee consists of 5 members elected from and by the Board of Kollegiekontoret. In practice, the Executive Committee is dealing with the Board's work.

A Guarantee Organisation

Kollegiekontoret is organised as a Guarantee Organisation.