Company description

Kollegiekontoret is a non profit housing organisation, organised as a guarantee organisation. We are therefore subject to the laws applicable to non profit housing.

We manage, maintain and modernise the 27 youth housing estates, one private and four independent hall of residences. A total of approximately 4800 tenancies.

We are located in the centre of Aarhus. Here we provide the daily customer service to tenants and people appying for housing. The office is the daily workplace for 22 employees. In addition, we employ some 30 caretakers, cleaning operatives, etc.

Organisation Chart of the Administration (In Danish)

Kollegiekontorets regulations (In Danish)


Kollegiekontoret collaborates with the other housing associations in Aarhus to lease aprox. 8000 residences. The collaboration is called StudenthousingAarhus (UngdomsboligAarhus, in Danish).
It is Kollegiekontoret, who manages the distribution of all the residences in StudenthousingAarhus. The cooperation in StudenthousingAarhus applies only to the application process.

In the descriptions of the individual halls of residence at  it appears which housing organization each hall of residence belongs to.
When a candidate has accepted a residence, the individual housing association takes over the administration of the residence (That is, in terms of leases, maintenance and termination of housing).


Kollegiekontoret’s leases along with a wide portion of the leases you can apply for at StudenhousingAarhus are connected to criteria developed by the Regional Screening Committee (RIU)
Kollegiekontoret is secretary of the RIU ...