It is the RIU, which compiles the screening criteria for who can and when you can apply for leases. The committee is authorized by Aarhus Municipality with the aim to ensure that rental housing for students and other young people with special needs is done on a uniform and meaningful way.
RIU’s Representatives’ Council, which consists of tenants and other students, carry out housing policy work to ensure good and affordable housing for young people are remained.
The daily work is performed by the Executive Commitee, chosen by the Representatives’ Committee. They deal with dispensation and complaints and decide matters of sublease, internal movements, etc.

Dispensation Applications
Applicants can apply for dispensation from the screening criteria, for example if they have physical or mental disabilities that affect their housing needs. Typically these applications for dispensation are about advancement on the waiting list for a particular type of housing.
Residents can also apply for dispensation from the screening criteria, if they want to apply for an extension of their leases beyond the standard period of study or apply for an subletting of their room in special cases.

If you want to apply for Dispensation
If you have special needs that may entitle you to extemptions from the screening criteria, send the following to RIU:

  • Documentation for your situation (statement from a doctor, social worker or similar)
  • Your own description of the situation.

NB The submission shoud describe how your special needs affect your housing situation.

Contact RIU

Det Regionale Indstillingsudvalg
c/o Kollegiekontoret i Aarhus
Hack Kampmanns Plads 1-3, 1.th.
8000 Aarhus C

E-mail: riu@kollegiekontoret.dk