lectronic submission
The forms can be filled and signed electronically if you have installed the newest version of Adobe Acrobat Reader. When you have opened the form in Adobe Acrobat Reader, you have to click the Fill & Sign tool on the right of the screen display. (Look at the printscreen in the bottom of this page)

Send the forms to The complaint form must be sent to 

Physical submission
You can also choose to print a copy of the forms, fill and sign them and post them by mail or e-mail (in word, pd.f or jpg - real size). You can also deliver them to us personally during our office hours. 

Lease in English

This example of the lease in English is only for translation help; it is not legally binding. 
Lease in English

Study Verification

Kollegiekontoret is required by law to send out a study verification once a year to ensure that the requirements for living in a hall of residence is respected. We send either an "appendix 1" or "appendix 2".


Appendixes for Study Verification

Independent halls of residence (Ravnsbjerg Kollegiet, Vilh. Kiers Kollegium, Tandl√¶gekollegiet og Skjoldh√łjkollegiet)


Kollegiekontoret's estates (The other halls of residence)