Framework for the Construction

As a public housing organization, Kollegiekontoret  is subject to a number of rules and regulations, which provides a framework for building activity.

Law on non-profit housing, etc. is the foundation of all of Kollegiekontoret’s business. The law gives the non-profit housing organisations exclusive right to construct and operate non-profit housing, and conduct business in many areas.
For new construction, the law establishes a maximum size for new houses, a maximum price and a number of requirements when designing and implementing construction. The law also establishes that the municipality determines how much and who carries out the construction of new non-profit housing.

Framework for Construction
Aarhus municipality’s vision is to make Aarhus the best student city in Denmark. In order to achieve this vision, the municipality has decided that the increased arrival of students should be supported through an annual new construction of 240 youth houses (units).
The residences shall be determined by an annual quota plan developed with the non-profit housing organisations in Aarhus. The plan identifies the location and developer for the construction upon application by the housing organisations.


The Board
Kollegiekontoret's Board will decide on new development upon the proposals from the administration. Since 1982, there have been established 23 hall of residences as new estates and four expansions, averaging one new building per year. This construction activity should be maintained along with housing demand and building opportunities.

The Executive Commitee
Kollegiekontoret’s Executive Committee acts as the Construction Board when dealing with new buildings, and makes all decisions regarding construction design, materials, etc

The Administration
Kollegiekontoret’s administration explores new construction options and present a decision proposal with the support of advisers for the Executive Committee and the Board. The construction work is carried out based on Kollegiekontoret’s building program. The administration then has the responsibility for maintaining and presenting the decision proposal on the renovation and modernization of existing hall of residences in collaboration with the estate committees of the hall of residences and the Residents’ Councils of the independent hall of residences.

Kollegiekontoret's Visions

As a company Kollegiekontoret’s overall visions are as follows

  • Kollegiekontoret creates an attractive residential environment in Aarhus for students.

  • Kollegiekontoret is a non-profit housing organisation for students and other young people with special needs. According to the growing demand Kollegiekontoret seeks and exploits construction opportunities that meet residents' quality requirements.

  • Kollegiekontoret develops, builds, maintains and renovates halls of residence/ youth houses with emphasis on central location.


Thus, new buildings and maintenance, renovation and modernisation of existing housing according to growing demand are essential parts of Kollegiekontoret’s business.