Our Residences

Kollegiekontoret manages 27 estates (often simply called “halls of residences”), four independent hall of residences (Ravnbjerg Kollegiet, Skjoldhøjkollegiet, Tandlægekollegiet  and Vilh. Kiers  Kollegiet) and a private hall of residence, Christian X's Kollegiet. In total, this is about 4800 leases.


The Typical Hall of Residence does not exist!

A wide range of housing opportunities
Kollegiekontoret offers a wide range of housing opportunities. From one and two room flats to dublettes and triplettes (two or three people share the kitchen and / or bath and toilet). You can also apply for a room on our halls with shared facilities where 8-16 residents share a kitchen and in some cases, shower / toilet.
Certain halls of residence are suitable for those who seek social contacts across the borders of study or are new in town. Some halls are suitable for couples or friends, and others suit those who already have studied some years in Aarhus and want to move to one of our other halls.

Further informations
Read about the various housing facilities, social life, residents’ democracy, committees, etc. on the halls’ own websites which are listed on the right. The residences can be applied for at StudentHousingAarhus.com