From Kollegiekontoret


Once a year the fire alarms of the hall of residence must be tested - this happens typically in October. We test the alarms in all the shared areas (laundries, common houses etc.).

Furthermore, we will test the alarms in selected apartments; this means that the caretaker has to access the rooms in question.

You'll be notified beforehand, if we are to access your lease in October 2020.

Boligportal, airbnb etc.

A few residents have to tried to rent out or sublet their accommodation via boligportal, airbnb or other rental websites. This is illegal. 

If you want to sublet your accommodation for a period, the subletter must be in education, Kollegiekontoret must approve the subletting and all other conditions for subletting must be met. See the subletting form 

If a accommodation is illegally rented out, the lease will be terminated.