COVID-19: Recommendations from Kollegiekontoret regarding common areas

These are Kollegiekontorets guidelines regarding dorms with corridors and common areas:

1. Wash your hands before entering the common area

2. Wash you hands after leaving the common area

3. Prepare food at different times during the day

4. Do not throw any parties in the common areas/kitchens.

5. Only be the number of people in the common area that ensures that you can comply with the distance guidelines of approx. 2 m from the nearest person

6. If you are ill, only use the kitchen when no body is around and keep it clean (It's best if you stay in your room as much as possible, and have people cook for you)

7. Help each other with cooking, shopping etc. if necessary 

If you follow the above recommendations, you should be able to avoid any contamination even though one of you should be sick. 

Regarding guests: It is Kollegiekontorets clear recommendation to avoid guests at the common dorms during this time. Meet them outside instead. If you want to have a guest over anyway, stay in the room, guests should not stay in the common area.

The common area is everybody’s kitchen / dining room, and it is not reasonable to take potential infectious carriers into your neighbors' living room.

If you have any doubts about quarantine or so, call the Corona hotline at 7020 0233.

These precautions are about breaking the chain of infection and that is a shared responsibility. Therefore, it is important to consider and comply with the recommendations of the Danish health authority. This is not a vacation and it must be taken seriously, so we don’t extend the current situations for longer than necessary. 

The guidelines from the Danish health authority’s guidelines are clear: WASH YOUR HANDS, KEEP DISTANCE, AVOID PHYSICAL CONTACT AND STAY HOME.