Welcome to Grundtvigs Hus

A heartfelt welcome to the home page of Grundtvigs Hus Kollegiet! Here you will find informations about living at Grundtvigs Husk Kollegiet, the information folder and, in general, all sorts of practical information plus pictures of the facilities.

We boast of the fact that we are the most social dormitory in all of Aarhus and for that we are proud. That's why we are a dormitory full of laughter and good times, and we have A LOT of committees working to ensure that we create a good atmosphere and hopefully make sure, that YOU are feeling very pleasurably - even if you are moving away from home the very first time or you have lived alone for some time. 

Furthermore we have a couple of Facebook pages that could come in handy to follow:

Grundtvigs Hus Kollegiet
(Our main page on Facebook - all information will be posted here)

GHK Efterlysninger og Forespørgsler
(If you are looking for something, whether it be a monkey costume, a broom or a cup of tea)

The most important page is the first mentioned above, since it is here where everything will be posted. It's also here that you can ask if anyone want to play some board games with you, of anyone want to barbeque for dinner, make tomorrows home work or just go to the beach.

Grundtvigs Hus Kollegiet consists of:

130 rooms