Opt-out TV from BolignetAarhus

The hall of residence have a collective tv-agreement with Bolignet-Aarhus, which means that you cannot deselect the small standard package.
This agreement, however, has been terminated in accordance with the dates in the document. So from there it's possible to deselect the small standard package.

Opt-out TV 2018

Boligportal, airbnb etc.

A few residents have tried to rent out or sublet their accommodation viaboligportal, airbnb or other rental websites. This is illegal. 

If you want to sublet your accommodation for a period, the subletter must be in education, Kollegiekontoret must approve the subletting and all other conditions for subletting must be met. See the subletting form 

If an accommodation is illegally rented out, the lease will be terminated.