Skjoldhøj Reuse

Skjoldhøj Reuse is for all residents of Skjoldhøjkollegiet, run by our residents voluntarily.
Here you can find things you can take home with you - for free. We give these things an extra chance to avoid becoming waste. Things might come from you too?  It is a possibile to deliver in our opening hours. If you are moveing out or just have some things laying around you don’t need anymore.
The idea is that you can find things for your apartment or materials that others no longer need.
Skjoldhøj Reuse was created to give us residents the opportunity for decor, creative projects or because you are just missing the kettle that one has chosen to donate before moving out of the dorms.

Address: Spobjergvej 128

Open hours:
Thursday: 17-19
Sunday: 16-18
If you have an idea for Skjoldhøj Reuse, or want to be a voluntar, write us an email on: