SkjoldPower is a fitness room located in Skjoldhojkollegiet and it is operated by volunteer student residents living in Skjoldhojkollegiet.

SkjoldPower members  are able to get access to two fitness rooms – one for the type of people who like to lift heavy weights and the other room is more cardio based and for those who prefer lifting light weights. Both of the rooms are installed with different equipment such as squat and bench racks up to treadmills and bikes. To see some of our equipment please navigate to the pictures page.

SkjoldPower actively strives to update facilities with new machines and equipment on a yearly bases. To find SkjoldPower you have to look for it at Spobjergvej 48a or have a look on Google Maps.

Opening hours of SkjoldPower everyday from 7:00 to 22:00

For a very small fee of 200 DKK any resident of Skjoldhojkollegiet is able to join SkjoldPower for a semesters period.  (Spring semester: 1. Feb. – 31. August. Autumn semester: 1. Sep. – 31. Jan.). You can read more about SkjoldPower or proceed with the registration.

Most of the information available here is in English and it is because we have lots of international students in Skjoldhøjkollegiet. 

NOTE: Only residents of Skjoldhøjkollegiet are able to become members at SkjoldPower. 

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