Skjoldhøj Music Association

The association provides the students of Skoldhøj Kollegiet with the opportunity to play music in proper music rooms and further arranges music events. As a member of Skjoldhøj Music Association, you gain access to one (or more) music rooms, where you can borrow drums, pianos, song equipment and PA system. We divide the access into two different contingents.

You can gain access through the board, where you will get a piece of paper, which you have to sign and deliver to the care takers. The contingents are half annual, so they fit the semesters.

Are you missing someone to play with? You can make a post in the Facebook group. Probably, you are not the only one.


Contact information:

Facebook group for members: SKMU Musikere


Contingents are from January 1 and August 1.

500 DKK for the band room.

200 DKK for drum room and piano rooms