The brewery club

Skjoldhøj brewer’s guild is residents local brewery.

In the guild the residents of the dormitories can dive into the art of brewing and start brewing their own brew from scratch. Here no brews are the same.
In the brewer’s guild the residents can brew beer, cider, wine and mead.
Should you be interested in making home spiced schnapps then you are very welcome as well.
In 2019 we have produced more than 1100 liters of beer, cider and wine.
We meet the first and third Tuesday of the month at 20:00. We meet to try and evaluate each other’s beers and to plan new beers – but often we end up talking about many other things aswell.
The guild is situated in room 30A between the laundry place and dorm 30.
It costs 150 kroner per semester to be a member.
The beer we produce usually costs around 4-6 kroner per bottle (33cl)
The brewer’s guild is also a social community that participates in the big events that take place at the dormitories. We are for example a part of the annual summerparty where it will be possible to buy some of our beer. Besides that, the guild also has an annual Christmas dinner for the members.
Everyone is welcome to come to a meeting or swing by when we are brewing.
The year that past:

The past years


  • Brew battle: In February, we held a competition in British 'Brown Ale' with other local beer brewers from Aarhus and the surrounding area. We managed to win 2nd and 3rd place.
  • COVID-19: In March we were closed like all other associations in Denmark, until we were allowed to reopen at the end of the summer.
  • Beer tasting of Christmas beer from LokalBrugsen
  • Despite COVID-19, we produced 750 liters of beer / wine / mead.


  • Renovation of the floor: The tiles were changed for epoxy to heighten the hygiene.
  • Fermentation room updated, so there is space for 10 fermentation buckets at the same time
  • Bought an Air-condition to control the temperature in the summer heat.
  • We produced more than 1100 liters of brew.


  • Bought a screw-press so it is possible to make your own cider and wine the old way.