The Garden Association

Garden Association at Skjoldhøj College.

At the college we have a small garden association where you can join and have a garden of approx. 15 square meters. Use it as a herb garden or flower bed. Grow fresh strawberries, potatoes or beans.

It's a good break from the studies - fresh air, physical work and soil under the nails.

It is the responsibility to be responsible for a garden shed, but the pleasure of seeing it grows worth it.

We have 32 plots located between Skjoldhøjkollegiet and the colony gardens on Skjoldhøj west side. The garden association is located close to Brabrand's beautiful natural area, in a quiet environment with unique peace and quiet. A nice respite from the busy day. The garden association is for all residents at Skjoldhøj College, large and small. We have a common storage house, where we have some garden tools you can borrow, you also have the opportunity to set your own garden tools for storage.

We do not interface with how to create and use their garden. However, it is a requirement that you follow our regulations. See section "Rules".

It costs 100kr a year for a garden and you choose whichever one of the available gardens you want to take over.

On the map of the garden association you can see how the gardens are located and here are a few selected pictures from the garden association.

We hold an open garden arrangement spring and autumn. We also organize various events such as "Grave in garden day", autumn festival and what we as members will find.

If you are considering signing in to our association, or have any questions or are in doubt, feel free to write a message to us

Contact info

The garden association's chairman


Phone: (+45) 29 84 55 89


Enrollment in the garden association must be made to Mikael at or by sms on tel. (+45) 29 89 98 91.