Lokal Brugsen

Brugsen is the closest shopping option, and is open EVERY day of the week, from 10-21. We are open during almost all holidays, with only 2½ days closed a year, around Christmas and New Years, so you can always get your shopping on!

Back in 1973 the people of the dorm setup a local coop on the dorm, and to this day it exists as LokalBrugsen Skjoldhøj. It is one the few private and member owned coops left in Denmark. Brugsen has a yearly general assembly in the spring, where it is possible to voice your opinion and become a member of the board. Information about this assembly can be found in Brugsen.

To become a member of the coop, you have to pay a 200kr. deposit, where after you get specialized offers and points which can be used to buy wares in the shop. When you sign out of the coop, you get your 200kr. back. It is also possible to get a danish bank account via Coop as a member of the coop.

As LokalBrugsen is very supportive of the social activities of the dorm, both the employees and the board members will be present at the dorms yearly summer party and a series of different events in the shop itself. Brugsen also supports a series of activities across the dorm to be give back to the people of the dorm.
You can receive your packages via Bring og GLS right in the shop and can pick them up during opening hours. Post-Nords postbox is also present right outside the shop entrance.

LokalBrugsen Skjold is the dorms very local store, and adjusted to the people of the dorm. Among other things, it is possible to get breakfast rolls, cakes, bread, fresh produce, warm snacks, both fresh and frozen prepared meals, always cold beer, soda, juice and various alco-pops, a large selection of tobacco products, wine and hard liquor, pick’n’mix candy and crisps.

We are also part of Coops food reduction program, so there is always a small table with various products at a reduced price. There is also weekly offers on any and all products in the shop. It is also possible to sign up for an sms service so you can get the offers sent to your phone. Ask the employees how to sign up for the service.

Opening hours

All weekdays 10am to 9pm

Print in LokalBrugsen

LokalBrugsen Skjoldhøj offers in corporation with Kjærlund Print access to print copy and scan. To use the copy machine, you will need to buy a print card. You can buy a print card at the cash register at LokalBrugsen. For more information visit kjaerlundprint.dk