The college have a sauna that can be used by all residents. It is placed in the back end of the center building. When the button is pressed the sauna will be turn on for 3 hours. 


Opening hours:

Monday (only men): 10:00am - midnight

Tuesay(only women), Wednesday, Thursday 07:00am - midnight

Friday - Sunday: 08:00am - 14:00pm


Due to Covid-19 a new set of guidelines have been

- Maximum of 4 people in the sauna at the time

- The sauna may only be used by residents of the dormitory

- The sauna must be booked before use.

- The person booking must provide name and house number to help track any potential infection if necessary.

- Do not sit naked on the benches in the sauna. You must sit on your towel or wear swimwear.

Link for the booking site:


If the rules aren’t followed you can lose your access to the room.