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If you want to terminate your lease, please use this form:

Termination of the lease

You must fill in a written authority, if another person e.g. picks up the keys or sign a document on your behalf:

Written authority 

Bike and scooter raid

It’s time for a bike and scooter raid. By the 13/2 all bikes and unregistered scooters will be marked with a yellow tag (as below). You must remove the tag from your bike/scooter on the 6/3 at the latest. The tag can be reused, so please return it in the caretaker’s mailbox. If the tag is still on your bike/scooter at the mentioned date, the bike/scooter will be collected by the caretaker.

Collected bikes and scooters will be stored for a period of 1 month, after which they will be discarded.

If your bike/scooter by mistake is collected, you can get it back by contacting the caretaker.

Questions can be addressed to the caretaker.

For more info: Bike_and_scooter_raid.pdf