The Residents Council on this college have chosen to have a cleaning scheme. The cleaning scheme is for all A, B and D-type apartments. The scheme has been introduced to make sure that common areas is kept clean.

Cleaning control

The cleaning must be carried out according to the schedule. Regardless of internal agreements about substituting each other, the person on the original schedule is responsible for the cleaning.


Cleaning check

The cleaning is checked every Tuesday morning between 08.00-10.00 by the caretakers, and they leave a checklist with the specific points that couldn´t be approved.

If everything is okay, you just get a smiley. If there are anything marked as insufficient, please clean them and KEEP them clean until the cleaning comes by.

If everything is fine, no further action will be taken, but if appeal points aren´t satisfactorily done, it will be done by the cleaners, and the tenant will be charged.

The amount is put on the next rent.


Vacant rooms

The cleaning company will NOT be ordered (to fulfil the lack of cleaning) if the room on the cleaning schedule is not rented out.


As a resident in Skjoldhøjkollegiet you are – according to the lease and maintenance regulations – obliged to take actively part in maintaining order and keep the common areas clean.


If you experience problems with a fellow-resident that do not participate in the cleaning of the common areas, you have the possibility of complaining. You can to this by sending an email to:

Are you not happy about the cleaning control. You can contract the caretakers by going to the office or by sending an e-mail to:

Do you have any suggestions how to make the scheme better, you can send an email to the Residents Council:

Cleaning of the exhaust hoods

From the 5th of Marts 2019, cleaning the exhaust hoods will be part of the weekly chorus when one has the kitchen cleaning for A and D dorms.

This decision was made because the exhaust hoods only got cleaned once per year during the annual cleaning, which left them difficult to clean and extremely unhygienic. The cleaning tub will be placed at your dorm by the caretakes. The cleaning remedies can by bought in Lokal Brugsen (the shop in the center building). The product is called “Grundrens” and cost about 30, - DKK

For instructions on how to clean the exhaust hood see the video below. 


General guidelines and checklist for the weekly cleaning (A + D staircases)

General guidelines and checklist for the cleaning (B staircases)

Cleaning schedule for A staircases

Cleaning schedule for B staircases

Cleaning schedule for D staircases

Guide to clean the hoods

How to clean the cooker and oven

If you are not sure what type of dorm you are living at, you can take a look at the map

You can sign up for the Skjoldhøjkollegites cleaning reminder below. When it’s your turn to clean the common area, you will get a reminder by email.