Type: A

These rooms are great if you want your own bathroom with toilet but still have the social life that comes with sharing a kitchen with others. You’ll be living in a dorm with 12 rooms with whom you’ll share a large common area and kitchen. The room itself is about 16 square miles and you’ll have your bathroom and toilet all to yourself. In the entryway there is also a build in closet with plenty of space. In the kitchen, you’ll get your own closet as well that can be locked with your room key, and you share a fridge with one of your neighbors. The kitchens are well equipped with 2 ovens and plenty of storage room and there is also a huge freezer available in the common area. Living in this type of dorm comes with a cleaning schedule of the common areas which can be found in the common area. Following the cleaning instructions are mandatory if you don’t wish to pay for a cleaning company to do the cleaning for you on your expense.

With laminate flooring

Type: B

These dorms include 3 apartments with 2 rooms each and 2 apartments with 1 room each, all with own kitchen, bathroom and toilet. Like the A type, these have a cleaning schedule for the common staircase and a big freezer to share. Both types have a small kitchen with 2 stovetops, a sink, a fridge and a small kitchen table, as well as cupboards for storage. The bathrooms are similar to the ones in Type A. The main difference between the 1 room apartments and the 2 room apartments are the amount of rooms.

Single room

Dobble room

Type: C

These are 2 story apartments, often used by couples but also well suited for just 1 person who simply wants more space. These are especially desired by families with children due to their spaciousness and proximity to the kindergarten. These apartments are essentially one big open room with kitchen and the sorts with great options for both expansion of space and storage, as well as another smaller room of about 7,5 square meters. The bathrooms here are also equipped with a bathtub, and in the kitchen you will, unlike in the B types, find an oven and a small area with a table and benches, perfect for eating. These apartments furthermore come with a dedicated storage space parallel with the entrance with access from the outside, great for bikes or other things that can withstand the cold.

With laminate flooring

Type: D

These are more or less the same as the A type, except for the fact that you share a bathroom with some of your neighbors. You do, however, have a small sink in your room.