Rules for having a pet at Skjoldhøj

Pets are allowed at Skjoldhøj and according to §8 of the house rules the following must be respected:

  • You are personally responsible for damages caused by your pet.
  • Your pet must not cause inconvenience by aggressive behavior, smell or noise towards the residents or others, e.g. caretakers, postmen, builders etc. Subsection
  • Dog owners must contact the caretaker in order to have their dog registered. At the same time, compulsory public liability insurance and vaccination certificates have to be shown.
  • Dogs must be kept on leash on the residence grounds. The owner is responsible for cleaning up after their dog has relieved itself.
  • Cats must be marked by chip, ear tattoo, or collar with owner information, as the residents’ board can hire a cat-catcher in case of problems with wild or abandoned cats on the ground

It also important to stress, that it is advised against feeding others persons pets, since it can lead to problems among those who own them.