The Residents Council

The resident counsel (also called BR) is the voice the residents. The counsel’s stands for the compliance of our agreed Articles of association and to keep the daily house rules up to date. The counsel is the link between The Dormitory Office, Skjoldhoejkollegiets Board of directors, and the all the residents who lives here.

The residents counsel is based upon voluntary work. None of the members gets paid for the work and the hours they put into being part of the resident counsel.

If one wishes to become a member of the resident counsel, you must show up at the resident meetings, which are held approximately every half year (information will be on this site). Here you will have the opportunity to become a member if there is a need for new members.

The resident counsel has vacation in January, July and August. When BR is not having vacation they will meet every second Tuesday in every month. As a resident at Skjoldhøjkollegiet you are welcome to take part in the meetings. Be aware that they are done in Danish.

If you wish to start a new association, and you wish to get rooms for the association, the residents counsel is the organ you want to contact. The resident counsel has the means to acquire or reacquire the things you need. The resident counsel can help you and your association getting started.

The resident counsel is also the one that manage the operation of this site.



If you want to know any information regarding SkjoldhøjKollegiet and how life is here, contact the resident counsel by mail