Welcome to Stenaldervej Kollegiet

Stenaldervej Kollegiet is from 1989 and is located in a cozy and green area of Brabrand, a suburb of Aarhus.

The hall of residence consists of eight houses and a smaller common house. The five two-story houses contain four dorm rooms, a kitchen and a common room on each floor, and the three one-storey houses contain two two-room flats. The dorm thus consists of 40 dorm rooms and 6 two-room flats.

Floorpan dorm room (measures in millimetres)

Floorplan two-room flat (measures in millimetres)

For New Residents

You have just moved to a cosy little hall of residence on the outskirts of Aarhus. Whether you're familiar with the country of Denmark, or you've found yourself in a strange, new world, and whether you’ve already studied elsewhere, or you’re just about to begin your new life as a student, we are more than happy to welcome you to this small, but lovely hall of residence with all its nice inhabitants and social activities.

Practical Information

Please see the "Information Folder" for more practical information regarding the dormitory. 


Bicycle shed

Your bicycle should not be a nuisance to your fellow residents: Therefore, please remember not to leave your bike in front of the stairs, or the letterboxes, in the middle of the footpaths, etc. Instead, use the shed, which is locked. Please remember to ensure that the shed is locked properly before leaving it.


Bicycle pump

In the mailbox, next to the washing house, is a bicycle pump available to all resisdents. 



Garbage isn't sorted (except for glass and paper/small pieces of cardboard), but is thrown in the waste container located on the parking lot. Paper, small pieces of cardboard and glass are thrown in their respective containers (labelled "papir" for paper & cardboard and "glas" for glass) at the same place. Bulky waste (anything that is too big to be thrown in the containers i.e. larger boxes made of cardboard) is your own responsibility. You can get rid of this at the nearest recycle station for free (You can find a list of recycle stations at http://www.aarhus.dk/sitecore/content/Subsites/affaldvarmeaarhus/Home/Affald/Genbrugsstationer.aspx?sc_lang=da but it is in danish only). Energy saving light bulbs, batteries, and aerosol spray cans are disposed in buckets under the table in the laundry room.


Laundry room

The building in the middle of the dorm is the laundry room. We have two washing machines and a dryer. When it’s time to do your laundry you can find the link to our online timetable in our Facebook group, and remember there's an individual timetable for each one of the washing machines. The tumble dryer is for general use, but there are also clotheslines right outside the laundry room. To avoid damages caused by moisture, it is not allowed to dry your clothes in your room or in the common rooms; you may, however, use your bathroom as it has constant extraction. You pay for your wash/tumbling with the card you received when you moved in. The total amount every month is paid as part of your rent.

Approximately once a year it's your turn to clean the laundry room. You have one week to do the cleaning, so if you skip the cleaning, then it can be up to two weeks before the common-area is cleaned. Therefore, it's your responsibility to switch with another person on the list if you’re unable in this period and inform the chairman of the board about it. If you don’t, professional cleaners will be ordered at your expense, so don’t forget it! The dates and the tasks involved can be seen in this document. 



The hall of residence has its own caretaker, whom you'll see walking around and fixing different things Tuesday mornings and Thursday afternoons. If you have a problem that you'd like him to take at look at, or you need his help with anything, then leave him a note in his letterbox at the laundry room. Remember to put your name and house number on the note as well, otherwise he won't know where to go to fix the problem. If the problem is urgent, you can also call him. You find his phone number on his office door.

Our caretaker is neither a psychic nor a detective and therefore won't know about a problem if nobody calls his attention to it, so do not hesitate to contact him if you want it fixed.


Telephone and Internet

The telephone and Internet connections in your room/flat are paid as part of your rent. The only extra expense will be the phone calls that you make to outside the hall of residence. Internet usage and internal telephony in the dormitory and to Bolignet-Aarhus' other customers are included in the rent. Other telephone calls are paid in advance via bolignet-aarhus' homepage.



We all wish to keep the rent as low as possible, so even though the rent is all inclusive, it doesn't mean that you should just use without consideration. You can help keep the rent down by remembering to turn off the light when you leave your room, turn down the thermostat when airing out or leaving for the weekend, and turn off the electricity when you leave for a longer time. And as you might already know, the standby function on your electrical devices also consumes a lot of energy.


The residents of the hall of residence

We are all students, and if you come to the parties you'll also see that we are actually not that different from each other. We encourage you to take advantage of the fact that you live with other people and, for instance, use the common room for more than just cooking your meals.

Show consideration for your fellow residents, especially during the exam period. It's difficult to concentrate on one's studies when loud music is flowing out of the neighbour's window.

It's also a good idea to let your neighbours know if planning on leaving for a longer time, so they can keep an eye on your room, and maybe empty your letterbox for you, while you're away.

Join us on Facebook

The dormitory has its own Facebook group. If you're going to stay here, then you're very welcome to join as it is used to invite the residents to parties, book the washing machines and send out a lot of other information regarding the dorm.