Booking Procedure for the Common Room

Write your name, date of use, telephone- and room number in the spreadsheet linked to beneath this document (“Book Common Room”). Please contact a key carrier at least five days before the date of use, so that you can arrange a day to receive the key. A list of key carriers are liste at the end of this document.

In connection with renting the common room a deposit of 500 DKK is charged. The key carrier will first handout the key after said deposit has been paid. The common room must be cleaned no later than 12:00 noon the following day, whereafter the deposit will be repaid, provided the cleaning has been approved by the key carrier (the cleaning must be in accordance with the guidelines stipulated by the notes at the common room). If something is broken or lost - or the cleanings is inadequate after the party damages and costs must covered by the tenant - first from the paid deposit, and if that is insufficient the remaining amount will be charged over the tenant's monthly rent.

Rules for lending the common room
One must not invite more than 50 person to a party, as this is the maximum amount of people approved by the fire authorities.


  • All parties must end at 11.00 pm. or earlier in case of complaints (not on fridays or saturdays).
  • Fridays and saturdays at 11.00 pm the noise level must be decrease to a level so that the surrounding rooms cannot hear the party.
  • During May, June, November, December and January, all parties must stop at 11.00 pm or earlier in the case of complaints – this also goes for parties on fridays and saturdays - for the sake of those who are studying for their exams.
  • The party must not take place in the courtyard, because of the resulting noise pollution. Therefor all windows and the door to the common room must be closed at all times.

Price and payment

The price for renting the common room is 100 DKK and must be paid before borrowing the key

Account:         11541518
Reg:                 3610

(If you encounter trouble with payment ask one of the Danes in your kitchen)

If areas outside the party - meaning the hallway, by the bike sheds, etc., gets untidy due to the party, it must be cleaned no later than when the party end - and thus it cannot be postponed to the following day.

Please ensure that the date you choose is free.