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As of the 1st of Octoer 2014 there is not always a caretaker on duty outside normal working hours. 

When there is no caretaker on duty outside the normal working hours, the telephone will be redirected to the company, Polygon. Polygon only takes care of emergency situations. See examples of emergency situations. 

Polygon coordinates who has to be summoned if a workman is needed. Polygon does not unlock your door if you have lost your key. In that case you must contact a locksmith (or wait to normal working hours) You have to pay for the expense to the locksmith yourself. 

Changes of adresses

Find your new address:

List with the former and present addresses at Skjoldhøjkollegiet 


Skjoldhøjkollegiet is located 5km from the Business Scool and 7km from the University. Bus lines 3A, 4A and nightbus 43 stops near Skoldhøj Kollegiet.

Here is a small video about what might happen, while you are here. Respect, shout-outs and victory signs to the producers.

Another video. Also respect, shout-outs and hand signals to the video creator.

Another video with a lot from Skjoldhøj. Respect, more shout-outs and hand signals galore to the video creator.

Video from summer at Skjoldhoej made by former resident Bjarke Bolding. Take a ride and look down at us.

House Rules.

Common Room Guidelines.

The Complaint Council.

Do you have issues with exams, the House Rules, Erasmus, your lease, IBAN-numbers, and the life at Skjoldhøj Dormitory in general, you may go see the Resident Councelor below opgang 50 or write to her at  

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In case of

an emergency situation please use these telephone numbers

Quick info

The Resident Council welcomes all exchange students and international students to Skjoldhøjkollegiet.

Be sure to read the 'Information Folder' in the top right corner.


Need advice?
Someone to talk to?

Problems/difficulties with your study, The Dorm Office, Erasmus, The International Office, Room mates etc.?

Go see The Resident Advisor below opgang 50.

Office hours are:
Monday   10.30 - 12.00
Wednesday   16.00 - 19.00
and when the door is open