Our Common House

The Common House of Skelagerkollegiet is rented out by the Common House Committee, which consists of volunteers here from the college. On this page you can read the provisions for renting the Common House, find other information about the house and see when the Common House is already rented out.

According to article 3 below, a rental period is as a starting point 23 hours. The Common House is therefore, as a starting point, available again 24 hours after the start time of a rental. Although a given date in the calendar in the Danish text seems to be available, the Common House may already be rented out – e.g. if the committee has not yet entered the date. Therefore, the calendar is subject to change.

Rules for the use of the Common House

§1 Rental is only for residents of Skelagerkollegiet. Hereby understood that the resident themself is participating in the event, party etc. and is not merely a mediating link for friends / family / acquaintances.

§2 A rental request happens by sending an email to skelagerkollegiet@gmail.com. In the subject field of the mail, enter the date of the desired rental.
The following must be stated in the email:

1.      desired rental date,

2.      desired time for the start of the rental,

3.      full name,

4.      address,

5.      telephone number by which the tenant can be reached before and during the tenancy

Please note that if this is not explicitly stated in the mail, the common house will not be reserved.

  • SEC. 2 In order for a tenancy to take place, a committee member must be present at the dormitory during the tenancy. See especially §4.

§3 The Common House is ordinarily rented for a period of 23 hours.

§4 Reservation of the common house can be made no earlier than three months before the desired rental date. The Common House Committee reserves the right to reject rental requests that come with less than three weeks' notice and rental requests on dates when none of the committee members are present at the dormitory. Especially during the periods from the 1st of July to the 15th of August, Easter and between Christmas and New Year, it is not certain that there are committee members present at the dormitory.

  • SEC. 1 The common house cannot be rented on December 24th and 31st.

  • SEC. 2 Cancellation of a reservation must be made as soon as possible and no later than 72 hours before the start of the rental, or the rental price of DKK 100 will be charged.

  • SEC. 3 The other committees of the dormitory such as the Party Committee and the Board of Directors can reserve the common house as long in advance as they wish.

§5 The price for renting the house is DKK 100 plus a deposit of DKK 1000. The amount of the rent must be paid in cash or by MobilePay when the key is handed over and the lease is signed. This is done at the beginning of the rental, where the tenant and one of the members of the Common House Committee meet in the common house. The deposit, which can be handed over via MobilePay or in cash, is returned to the tenant upon return of the key at the rental end (see however, §19). The rental amount the Committee spends on purchase of cleaning products, etc. as well as new purchases due to ordinary wear and tear.

§6 The deposit for renting the PlayStation 2 or Wii is DKK 500 (also cash), but in case of damage, an amount corresponding to the expenses is charged.

§7 Dishtowels and cloths for cleaning the Common House must be brought by the renter.

§8 It is possible to borrow the Dormitory’s two grills on the condition that both the grill and grate are cleaned at the end of the rental. The member of the committee can lend you a grate but you have to supply your own coal, and used coal must be drenched in water and thrown into the standard trash container before the end of your rental.

§9 Through a lease, the tenant signs that they have read and are in agreement with all of the regulations stated here, that they will in every way comply with the regulations and will cover damage and cleaning that may be more extensive than the amount of the deposit. The tenant's signature is likewise the Common House Committee's guarantee that the tenant informs their guests of the rules for the use of the Common House.

§10 During the entire rental period the tenant must be reachable by phone/text message on the phone number the tenant has given the Common House Committee, and which is entered in the calendar. It is at this number other dormitory residents should be able to reach the tenant e.g. in the case of desire to complain (see §17).

§11 According to article 5 of the Dormitory's House Rules, smoking on the dormitory's ground is not allowed. Smoking must not take place on indoor or outdoor common areas, stair entrances, stairwells, etc. Smoking can be done e.g. on the sidewalk in front of and the bike paths around the dormitory. This also applies to guests.

§12 General consideration for the other residents of the dormitory must be shown throughout the rental period. Special attention is required when being outside the common house.

§13 When the music system is being used, windows and doors must be kept closed.

§14 Sunday to Thursday no later than 10 p.m. the dormitory must be quiet. If the tenant wishes to continue using the house after this time, music and activity in the house must be reduced to a level where the fellow residents do not notice that the house is being used.

§15 Friday and Saturday no later than 2 a.m. the dormitory must be quiet. If the tenant wishes to continue using the house after this time, music and activity in the house must be reduced to a level where the fellow residents do not notice that the house is being used.

§16 The common house may not be used for accommodation.

§17 If a fellow dormitory resident experience annoyance with a rental it is possible to make a complaint. In order for the complaint to be considered, the complainant must have been in direct contact with the tenant of the common house. The name and phone number of the tenant can be found in the calendar here on the page. If the tenant ignores the enquiry, refuses to comply with reasonable requests for changed behaviour or otherwise does not reduce the for the complainant experienced nuisance, the complainant may contact the committee member responsible for the rental in question (name and phone number is in the calendar) - secondary to another member of the Committee.

  • SEC. 2 The Common House Committee prefers to receive calls rather than text messages when someone wishes to make a complaint, especially when it is during night.

  • SEC. 3 A member of the Common House Committee can close a party after the third complaint (during exam periods after the second complaint). A member of the Common House Committee may, in severe cases, consider it necessary to close a party after the first complaint, e.g. in cases involving threats or similar aggressive behaviour.

§18 The common house must be handed over in a clean and tidy condition according to the cleaning checklist, which is handed out at the rental start.

§19 Upon completion of the rental, the member of the Common House Committee checks that cleaning has been performed satisfactorily and that the inventory/fixture is intact. In case of deficiencies, an amount is deducted from the deposit after a concrete assessment of the size of the defect. The committee member may withhold the full deposit until an assessment of the financial size of the defect has been determined. If the cleaning is not satisfactory, after the committee member has asked the tenant to clean again, DKK 400 will be deducted from the deposit for cleaning. If there is extensive cleaning and it takes more than 3 hours, an additional DKK 120 per hour will be deducted from the deposit.

§20 Violation of these regulations may lead to a warning and in particularly severe cases for quarantine from being able to rent the common house for nine months. By the second warning, the Common House Committee assesses whether the tenant in question shall be permanently excluded from being able to rent the common house.

  • SEC. 2 A warning, quarantine or permanent exclusion of a person requires a simple majority at a digital or physical Common House Committee meeting with at least two committee members present.

  • SEC. 3 In the event of a warning, quarantine or permanent exclusion, the Common House Committee shall inform the tenant in writing within 14 days of the end of the tenancy. The Committee assesses whether there is a need to meet in person with the tenant in question during the decision-making process.

Unanimously adopted by the Board on July 5th 2021

The Common House's Fixtures

The Common House consists of a large room, kitchen, wardrobe and toilet. When you rent the Common House, you have access to the following:


  • Tables and chairs for approx. 40 people
  • Bar counter with few bar stools
  • Stereo for which you can connect your smartphone / computer (there are a wire for new smartphones without an AUX input)
  • TV
  • PlayStation with Singstar, which can be borrowed for increased deposit
  • Table football
  • Vacuum cleaner
  • Mop and bucket

The kitchen features:

  •  Cutlery, plates, water glasses, mugs, red wine glasses, white wine glasses, shot glasses, water jugs
  • Dishes/platters and bowls
  • Various kitchen utensils
  • Stove with oven
  • Microwave
  • Electric kettle
  • Coffee maker
  • Thermos
  • Dishwasher
  • Two refrigerators with freezer

We have also acquired two grills, which can be borrowed in connection with a rental on the condition that both the grill and grate are cleaned at the end of the rental.

The Common House Commitee

It is possible to join the Common House Committee year-round. Write a post on the college's facebook group page if interested in entry or attend one of the two resident meetings of the year, where usually at least one of us is present. We share the rental requests between us in the committee, and you only take as many as you feel you have the time and energy to handle (and we tend to be good at helping each other if someone has a rental, but other plans have come up). As a committee member you must be ready for a committee meeting approx. once every three-six months and to take on the responsibility of checking the joint email, being a contact person during rentals etc. As a committee member you can write voluntary work on your resume, you get a greater sense of connection to the college, and you have the luxury of getting to rent the Common House free of charge two/three times a year.

Members of the Common House Committee per. October 2021:

  • Sara T.,
  • Laurids S., tlf.: 29283870
  • Tobias R., tlf.: 23359608

Pictures of the Common House